Kingston, 2018

Kingston, 2018


artist biography

Taylor Marrin is a printmaker specializing in Lithography and Screen Printing. Marrin is currently working out of a studio in France, but originates from Ontario, Canada. Marrin graduated from Queen’s University with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts, and received the 2018 John O Cameron Award in Fine Art. Marrin has exhibited in galleries such as The Union Gallery, and Modern Fuel artist center, and has been featured for her art in the Queen’s Journal and Grounders Magazine. Marrin is currently working in Residence with CourCommune of Voulx France. 

Artist Statement

  In my prints I use the invasive nature of plants and foliage as a symbol for the kind of control depression has on the mind. 

 Often I create multiple states of the same image, changing the colours, amount of plants, or just adding new layers, to further enforce the idea of a continuously changing mental state.

 I use layering and collaging frequently within my prints, as well as layer prints on top of each other while installing, to mimic the look of foliage. 

 I am also interested in the psychological meanings of colour and how they affect the way art is viewed. My art rejects the idea that a more colourful piece has a happier meaning.

 It is my goal to show the viewer that happy images may have a darker meaning behind them.

 my art aims to dismantle the stigma that presenting as happy means you are not mentally ill.

 My work is in conversation with contemporary movements aiming to breakdown this same stigma: #facesofdepression #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike




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